Initiative & Referendum Campaign Management Services

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IRCMS is a 20-year-old company that has qualified 75 initiatives for the ballot in 14 states and has run dozens of successful field programs for candidates across the nation.

We offer the most complete and safest path to the ballot and election victory, at the most competitive prices. We will meet or beat any reasonable bid you have received for field services.

Why direct voter contact is a winning strategy

In a world where it is becoming increasingly difficult to accurately connect with people, Face-to-Face contact is a common tool of any serious political effort. It is an extremely versatile and powerful contact that allows you to not only target your most needed audience, but also to gather vital opinion data, build a brand, deliver product, persuade and solicit engagement, while creating a committed base.

Why the ballot measure can be the final word

The ballot measure is a powerful tool for anyone who wishes to advance a public policy agenda. A well-crafted initiative can do in one swoop what could take years of public education and legislative lobbying to even approach. It also enables its proponents to frame the debate and compel their agenda to be considered state or nationwide. Nothing can more effectively turn a good idea into law than a ballot measure can.

Discounts given to worthy causes and referral fees are awarded.